P6530 Hydrology Apparatus

The Cussons P6530 Hydrology Apparatus is a self contained unit which has been designed to allow students to study a range of hydrology phenomena.

The apparatus includes a number of rain nozzles, to simulate passing storms, two wells, permeable end baffles, calibrated weirs, and 24 pressure tapping points. The main tank is made from stainless steel for long life. It allows the study of basin hydrology cycles, flood and run off hydrographs, simulations of effects on civil constructions (bridges and dams), to simulate multiple and moving storms, to examine the interaction of adjacent wells and to study elementary fluvial processes, such as erosion on hillsides and river meander.

P6531 Sand to use with P6530, the same specification as P6521 only 400kg is supplied.

Optional Accessory

P5672: Dew Point Hygrometer

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