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Marine Research & Industrial Division

Cussons Technology Ltd. is a company specializing in educational technology, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of mechanical engineering and research equipment for universities, technical institutes and training establishments worldwide.

The Cussons Technology Marine Hydrodynamics Research Systems Division was founded following the acquisition of Kempf and Remmers. Kempf and Remmers commanded universal recognition for excellence in the design and manufacture of a wide range of specialised force measurement instrumentation and test facilities systems for the Marine Hydrodynamic research sector. These facilities are principally employed in the evaluation of hull designs, propulsion systems and sea-keeping characteristics of a wide range of surface and sub-surface vessels and other marine structures.

Combining the skills and experience of Cussons Technology in design, manufacture, installation and operation of projects with Kempf and Remmers business, created the world´s most formidable force to serve the Marine Hydrodynamics research establishments. Cussons are able to provide clients with all of the requirements for Marine Hydrodynamic Research and Development from spare parts to facility upgrades, from instrumentation to complete turnkey facilities.

Over the years Cussons have established close relationships with many leading hydrodynamic facilities around the world, allowing us to work closely with Senior Personnel to develop our range of products to suit the needs of specific research for the ship building industry. This cooperation also extends to major project work where required, ensuring that any new facilities are provided with the latest state of the art technology, thus enabling the industry to move forward. Copies of our Marine Research and Industrial Division brochure can be provided in hard copy on request and can be downloaded.

For any enquiries please send your email to: marine@cussons.co.uk